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"Under-promises and over-delivers.

Jo is always interested in doing more."

Michael Rolnick | CEO & Director, Chain Bridge Group (NASDAQ: CBRGU)

Managing Partner, Baileyana Investments LLC



"Jo is a highly skilled operations partner for your flourishing business and team.

She operates with a high level of integrity, is your dream right hand confidant

who can handle communications at the highest level and

will figure out the problem at hand only engaging you when there's a hurdle."

Michelle McGlade | Founder & CEO

Evolutionize Media and MM International, Inc.



"Jo has integrity in spades.

She created and built trust with me in every step of our work together.

She is organized and thoughtful. She has so much forethought that

possible blocks are mitigated before they even have a chance to happen.

I highly recommend engaging in a working relationship with Jo to

help you launch your own skills into something bigger and better as she helped me do."

Eileen Crispell | Owner & Practitioner, A Heart's Journey



"For swift and secure assistance

in detailing and tending to your specific family life management matters,

Jo is a sure thing, a seasoned sophisticate.

Equally compelling is her adeptness in helping clarify and prioritize

resolving matters lingering at the edges of clients' awareness."

Richard B. Does, PhD | Clinical Psychologist


"Jo enjoys helping to make sure others will be successful with their efforts, and

has a calming, warm approach to her collaborative work."

Lisa E.


"With Jo, you get full presence, authenticity and

the ability to truly connect with adults and children alike.

She is committed, reliable and trustworthy. She possesses strong self-awareness,

thoughtfulness and the capacity to remain calm and clear-headed in any situation."

Denyse Perry | Conflict Resolution Specialist


Additional references available upon request.

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