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A Message from Jo

Turning overwhelm into clarity and efficiency? Yes, please! What's fun about that, might you ask.


My interest in partnering with achievers and rooting for their success goes back to my earliest days, growing up close to my dad and sharing in his ups and downs as he built a thriving business from the ground up.

Tagging along as his sidekick in employee meetings and upper management retreats, I witnessed a spectrum of strategic thinking and perspectives come together and turn visions into realities. 

Keen on following visionaries, I carried on  to assist high-level executives  like Mr. Charles R. Schwab and others in Silicon Valley. Along the way I gained a profound respect for the value of time and productivity, and thrived on maintaining an organized and efficient work environment.

Why? I love to see people bring their gifts to the world. Time and again, I've seen how adding clarity and efficiency to one's life and business fuels that end. It frees up your mind, increasing your focus and fostering creativity, helping you reach your goals, big and small. It's both a pleasure and an honor to be part of the journey.

Through reliable productivity and organization consulting services, combined with unwavering integrity and a positive can-do attitude, Jo's Truly looks forward to helping you bring more gifts to the world.


Jo Durocher

Founder and Consultant

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