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Working with a limited number of clients at a time, Jo's Truly prioritizes the development of close partnerships and long-term solutions. With a personalized approach and custom activities catering to your unique and specific needs, example arrangements include: 

Clarity Assist

A two-hour session to bring clarity around your projects, thoughts, goals, responsibilities, workflows. Objective: Develop a game plan so you can free up headspace and focus on what's meaningful to you (with or without the further help of Jo's Truly).

Project Assist

Specific assignments to organize your workspace, workflows, business processes and/or personal matters. Objective: Bring you clarity and foster creativity. 

Ongoing Assist

Regular assistance to sustain multiple projects and maintain productivity and organization in your life and business. Objective: All of the above + save you time and enjoy a well-organized, efficient executive or home office.


  • Gain clarity and focus, save time

  • Stay on top of your leads, tasks, projects

  • Maintain strong connections and relationships

  • Diminish decision fatigue and information overload

  • Neatly document your life and business matters

  • Get excited about your business again

  • Keep your files and office organized

  • Leave behind an orderly estate

  • Bring calm to your days

  • Simplify your life 


An organized and efficient environment opens up headspace, fueling creativity and productivity, in turn bringing more gifts to the world.


With this end in mind, Jo's Truly works with a variety of intentional individuals within both a professional and personal setting. Clients include: 


Solo entrepreneurs wishing to unravel business ideas & strategies, streamline operations, optimize their schedule, or find other solutions to keep a clear path toward their vision.


Creatives looking to weave a grounding structure into their projects or workspace to meet the more concrete demands outside their artistic surroundings.

Individuals aspiring to experience the ease that comes from having their personal matters neatly kept and clearly a way that works for them.    


For Example
  • Optimizing your schedule and workflows

  • Breaking big goals into manageable steps

  • Sorting information you hold across your devices, within your files, on your desk, in your mind

  • Streamlining processes, increasing follow-through

  • Bringing your CRM or other data files up to date

  • Building and maintaining paper & digital filing systems

  • Helping structure manuscripts or other endeavors

  • Cataloguing art, wine or other collections

  • Assembling an estate organizer binder

  • Saving receipts, keeping records

  • Reducing your email burden

  • And more

For Example
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